Outreach and Programs

Theologian Frederick Buechner wrote, “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” Discerning our vocation or discerning God’s dream for us is first and foremost centered in prayer. Discernment helps us to separate what may come from God and what may come from self-centered interests or cultural pressures. Discernment is also discovering what fuels our passion. What do we believe is the world’s greatest need and what do we hope to do about it? Ministry is the intersection where our passion meets the world’s greatest need.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to be part of St. Paul’s outreach ministry. More than philanthropy, outreach is God’s call to everyone to enter into a ministry of reconciliation and healing. Outreach is a response to our baptismal covenant that calls us into partnership with God to repair the world. It reminds us that we are all part of God’s creation and are our brothers’ and our sisters’ keepers.

At St. Paul’s, we are always looking for individuals to share their gifts and talents with us. Whether you are interested in hospitality, worship, music, children and youth activities, or the various ministries that make church or ministry happen—we welcome your involvement. Our outreach focuses on Here, Near, and Far.

The Here Team

The Here Team exists to empower the ministries within St. Paul’s. Members take an active part in our Sunday liturgy by opening the doors, smiling, passing out worship guides, welcoming visitors, making coffee, and making people feel comfortable. Other less visible, yet equally powerful, ways to assist include:

      • Offering your prayers to those in need.
      • Writing letters of condolence or support or sending a card.
      • Visiting the sick and elderly members of our parish.
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The Near Team

The Near Team intentionally reaches out to our community in ways that demonstrate God’s love and compassion. Following are specific organizations we support.

St. Paul’s also enjoys a special relationship with the Bishop Walker School for Boys.

The Far Team

The Far Team includes St. Paul’s reach to Christian projects beyond the Diocese of Washington and the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.

Church of the Holy Ghost, Genoa, Italy, Diocese of Europe

Holy Ghost is an international English-speaking Church in the Anglican Communion welcoming all whom God is calling. Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. people of all ages, from many backgrounds, and from different countries around the world, meet together here.

“Neighbor in Need,” began at St. Paul’s as a Lenten challenge for local and overseas neighbors in 2014, to help sustain a ministry for Holy Ghost’s migrant families from Sub-Sahara Africa and elsewhere trying to find their footing in Genoa with the help of the parish. Neighbors from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameron, and other struggling nations find a welcoming spiritual home at Holy Ghost as well as support with life necessities including food, toiletries, clothing, housing, and legal needs.

A parishioner writes what these young men and women bring to Holy Ghost: “A trust in the Lord and the power of prayer that is humbling, the chance to have a laugh together at no-one’s expense, and enjoy fellowship in simple things. Without them, the church would have no one under 30 present regularly and would not be nearly as clean and cared for as it is for they take the time to do this as time and hands are what they can offer. They bring in other friends they make. We talk about their futures and their families at home. We are a home away from home.”

St. Paul’s is privileged to share in this ministry. To support this ministry, make a donation with a notation to: “Neighbors in Need.”

Casa Materna (Maternity House)

Casa Materna is a program created by the government of Nicaragua to provide medical care for expectant mothers at increased risk for preterm birth, including multiple gestations, as well as women with cervical insufficiency who may require a surgery to prevent preterm birth.

The goals of the Casa Materna are to improve maternal health, reduce the incidence of infant mortality in outlying regions of Nicaragua, and educating women about reproduction, health choices, and childcare.

There is no charge to the women who come to the Casa Materna. These maternity houses experience frequent shortages of basic necessities such as toiletries, baby care products, diapers, hot water, cleaning materials, fresh linens, and even furniture. We collect gently used or new baby clothes, diapers, and blankets to make care packages for the expectant mothers.

Haiti Mission

We have partnered with St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC to support their ministry in Haiti.

Nicaragua Mission

St. Mark’s Episcopal School in Bluefields, Nicaragua

We support St. Mark’s School by providing much-needed sports equipment (mostly new, but also slightly used) basketballs, gloves, baseballs, cleats, soccer balls, shin guards, etc. We also provide scholarship uniforms and basic medical and dental check-ups for our scholarship recipients.